One Crazy Fact About Rats

fat rat collecting coin

Did you know that rats are one of the most sexually active creatures in the planet? In one year alone, a pair of mating rats can have at least 5 litters and each litter would have up to 15 baby rats or pups. When the pups reach 5 weeks old, they themselves become fertile and can have their own litter. So theoretically, it is possible for a pair of rat to produce thousands or millions of descendants in one year. It is pretty scary.

But why do rats have high breeding rate? Well, this is because it is necessary for the survival of their species. Very understandable because rats have plenty of predators like cats, snakes, weasels, owls, hawks and many other predators. In fact, it is rare to see a rat that goes beyond its 2nd birthday. Moreover, the mortality rate of rats during their first few weeks is high. Mortality rates can even reach up to 95%.

Now imagine if rats do not have predators and do not have high mortality rates. Our planet would be overrun by rats within just a few years. Various diseases would plague humanity. Vegetation in the planet would be annihilated because rats would eat almost anything. They might even feed on other animals and might cause the extinction of certain species. Even the rat removal would be useless. In the end, the proud human race would be obliterated on the face of the planet and rats would be the sole survivor of this planet. Fortunately for us, this apocalyptic scenario is far from reality.

Businessmen Always Need Help When It Comes To Competition


Stupid!!! Stupid I say! It is very stupid for businessmen to compete with large businesses and come unprepared. It is like handing yourself on a silver platter only to receive a cold and cruel death sentence. If the business shuts down, the owner of the business is not the only one who would suffer. His family will suffer as well. Moreover, what would happen to his workers, who worked with him hand-in-hand to run his business? What would happen to their families? Where would they go? What would their future be?

Because the lives of many people are at stake, a business owner has to be responsible and wise in making decisions when it comes to running a business. When competing with other businesses – be it large or small – a businessman has to come up with a plan. To come up with a good plan, enough time for preparation and study is necessary, which Consult Joseph can really help.

Online marketing consultants and internet marketing professionals are experts when it comes to online marketing and they can actually help businessmen prepare and come up with a good plan regarding how they could compete with other businesses. They can help businessmen obtain the success they need to make their business grow even further than they have dreamed of.

So how could a businessman find such professionals? Well, if one is truly reading this post of mine, then he can really easily know where to find such professional. But if he still insists on getting such help from other places, I suggest using Google. Sadly, there’s no assurance that the results one could find online would be credible, reliable and truly provides high quality results.

I have already done my share by providing a link that leads to a great internet marketing consultant. In the near future, I would be talking about this guy and how wonderful his work is.

I Love Sandwiches


To those who do not know me, let me tell you now… I love sandwiches. So if by chance you see another post from my blog talking about sandwiches, then you should not be surprised at all.

I love sandwiches! I would eat homemade sandwiches or sandwiches from Chicago fast food restaurants. Pretty much I would eat any type of sandwich that you would serve before me. Maybe it is my love for sandwiches or maybe it is my gluttony… I just do not know. In fact, I so love eating sandwiches that I cannot count the many times I ended up throwing up or groaning inside the toilet because I ate a sandwich that has gone bad or a sandwich that would not sit well with my stomach.

My voracious appetite for sandwiches does not discriminate between crust and non-crust sandwiches. It does not matter if the sandwich is vegan or not. I care less about its temperature because I can eat it hot or I can eat it cold. I do not care what condiments are used whether it is plain salted, ketchup, mayo or mustard. I also do not care if I have no idea what sandwich is served before me. I only see it as a challenging gastronomical adventure waiting for me. If it smells good, then it would only make me want to grab a bite even more.

I am totally clueless as to when my love for sandwiches began but I have a vague idea when it might have started. Perhaps, it was when I was still a kid. I grew up not having the extravagance as most people have, so whenever I go to school I have neither snacks nor pocket money for snacks. And when things go well with my father’s work I get to enjoy egg, ham or tuna sandwich made by my mother.

So if you want to be on my good side, just give me a sandwich and we can be friends anytime you want.

The Aviation Scene Today According to Me

Traveling via air is like taking a leap of faith. You would have to entrust your life to the pilot and to those who regulate air traffic. However, with the recent airplane mishaps like the missing Malaysian Flight MH370; the downed Malaysian Flight MH17 and the recently crashed Air Algerie Flight AH5017, many would think twice when it comes airplane travel.

But the truth is, even with the several tragedies involving aviation this year, nothing would literally change. The recent aviation tragedies were unfortunate incidents – things that are beyond the authorities’ control.  Air travel would continue to go on. It has to. Every day there are millions and millions of passengers for both domestic and international flights. Furthermore, there are tons of goods and packages being that have to be shipped via plane in order to quickly reach their destination.

Even though a lot of lives were loss because of the recent aviation tragedies, there’s no reason to be afraid not unless the reason for those tragedies were the same. But it is not. In addition, those tragedies were isolated cases. It is not every day we hear an airplane crashing because it was downed by a missile or a plane going missing suddenly. Moreover, there’s no need to be afraid in flying because aviation accidents are very rare compared to vehicular accidents, which occur in hundreds every day. In other words, flying is actually safer than riding a car.

What Happens to Your Guarantor if You Don’t Pay Your Guarantor Loan

If you are considering quick guarantor loans, you have to be responsible in paying your loan. Why? It is simply because going default on your guarantor loan would only become a problem to your guarantor.

Let us establish some facts first. A guarantor loan is a particular loan given to individuals with poor or bad credit score. In this loan, a guarantor is necessary. The guarantor can be a friend, a relative, a colleague or any person who is not next of kind or dependent to the applicant. The role of the guarantor would be to guarantee that the applicant would pay the loan. But if the person goes on default or will not pay the loan, it will be the guarantor’s responsibility to pay the debt.

Come to think of this, if you are the one who took the loan and did not pay it, what will happen to your friend/relative/colleague who became your guarantor. Of course, he would end up suddenly having a debt. Because he has to pay for the guarantor loan, he would become very restricted financially. In the worst case scenario, his credit rating might also be affected because of what happened. If his credit rating drops, then he too may be unable to get a loan easily.

The biggest risk of all would be having a fall-out with the person whom you asked to be a guarantor. It is not a nice thing and it has happened a lot of times already. Friends, colleagues and even relatives had a major fall-out and would not wish to be associated with one another because of guarantor loans.

If your friend, colleague or relative you asked to be a guarantor is an important person to you, you should be the one who must pay the loan. Don’t run away. Don’t put him on a tight situation. Most of all, avoid having a fall-out with your guarantor.

A Wise Old Man

A 92 year old man is walking through a park and sees a talking frog. He picks up the frog and the frogs says, “If you kiss me, I will turn into a beautiful princess and be yours for a week.” The old man puts the frog in his pocket. The frog screams, “Hey if you kiss me, I will turn into a beautiful princess and make love to you for a whole month.” The old man looks at the frog and says, “At my age I’d rather have a talking frog.”

I Love Cats

-_-cats-cats-22066039-1280-1024I love cats. They are graceful, playful and beautiful. I love how they act around without care. I love how curious they are. I love how athletic they can be. I love their mews. I love their fur. I love their soft, squishy padded foot. But unfortunately, pets are not allowed in my place – apartment rule. Oh how sad. Why would the landlord prohibit pets such as cats and dogs.

I fell in love with cats when I was around 4 or 5 I guess. When I was outside our house playing by myself, I saw two kittens playing around and chasing a butterfly. The way they move and jump around as well as their playful nature really grabbed my attention. The more I looked at them, the more I became interested in them. Turns out, they were the kittens from our neighbors’ cat and I was so happy when I found out that I can pet them. It was hard for me to express my feeling when I ran my fingertips on the kittens’ fur. It was so soft and silky.

One time, our house was plagued by mice. My mom then asked our neighbor if we could borrow his cat. I was so excited that time because I thought we will finally have a cat. But my mother had a different plan in mind. She borrowed the cat to get rid of all the mice inside the house. That time, for the first time in my life, I saw that cats are accomplished hunters. I was amazed on how quick and agile a cat is.

Ever since then, I became a cat person.

Comfort From AC

While many people are saying how harmful an air conditioner or cooling unit is, I still love our AC. Yes, I am well aware of the risks of using AC, which is why I only use AC when necessary and bought an energy efficient and CFC free cooling unit. At least with this, I would feel no guilt in using AC whenever it is a hot day outside. Sorry to Mother Nature…

I love our AC because of one particular reason – comfort. I always want to feel comfortable for whatever reason it may be. When I am working, I want to be comfortable while doing it. If I watch TV, I want to be comfortable. Even during meals, I want comfort. And if it is too hot, there’s no way I can feel it. So when it is hot, I grab the AC’s remote and turn it on.

The biggest problem I had with my AC was when it broke down. It was a nightmare because it was an extremely hot summer day that time. Without giving any second thoughts, I dialed for the AC service Boca Raton that I know about. I don’t want to experience a lot of discomfort just because our AC was down.

My Persona Over The Internet

Only on the Internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.” 

― Allison BurnettUndiscovered Gyrl

This was a quote about blogging, which I found over the internet. And I believe about what he said. You can be a lonely person online and be popular at the same time. This can happen in internet forums, online games, online communities and most specially on blogs.

How is this possible?

Well, it is hard to explain how, so let me put a certain situation how this can become possible. If you are online, be it playing games, participating in online communities and forums or spending most of your time on your blog, there’s a huge chance that you are by yourself. Thus you are lonely – not necessarily the lonely sad kind of thing. You are lonely because you are alone in your room doing what you are doing over the internet.

You can become popular at the same time if you are the kind of gamer who has plenty of online game friends, the blogger who has many follows and comments and the forum user who has many replies and community friends.

We can’t also dismiss the fact that over the internet, you can create a different persona about yourself. You can become anyone or any person that can become popular to other people. So this is why some people who have experienced bullying or have problems with their social life create a persona over the internet to escape their reality.

Now I created this blog not because I was bullied or having social problems. Definitely, I did not create this blog because I want to be popular. Well, if it happens then I would be glad. But for now, my plan for this blog is just right anything I want.