The Aviation Scene Today According to Me

Traveling via air is like taking a leap of faith. You would have to entrust your life to the pilot and to those who regulate air traffic. However, with the recent airplane mishaps like the missing Malaysian Flight MH370; the downed Malaysian Flight MH17 and the recently crashed Air Algerie Flight AH5017, many would think twice when it comes airplane travel.

But the truth is, even with the several tragedies involving aviation this year, nothing would literally change. The recent aviation tragedies were unfortunate incidents – things that are beyond the authorities’ control.  Air travel would continue to go on. It has to. Every day there are millions and millions of passengers for both domestic and international flights. Furthermore, there are tons of goods and packages being that have to be shipped via plane in order to quickly reach their destination.

Even though a lot of lives were loss because of the recent aviation tragedies, there’s no reason to be afraid not unless the reason for those tragedies were the same. But it is not. In addition, those tragedies were isolated cases. It is not every day we hear an airplane crashing because it was downed by a missile or a plane going missing suddenly. Moreover, there’s no need to be afraid in flying because aviation accidents are very rare compared to vehicular accidents, which occur in hundreds every day. In other words, flying is actually safer than riding a car.

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