I Love Sandwiches


To those who do not know me, let me tell you now… I love sandwiches. So if by chance you see another post from my blog talking about sandwiches, then you should not be surprised at all.

I love sandwiches! I would eat homemade sandwiches or sandwiches from Chicago fast food restaurants. Pretty much I would eat any type of sandwich that you would serve before me. Maybe it is my love for sandwiches or maybe it is my gluttony… I just do not know. In fact, I so love eating sandwiches that I cannot count the many times I ended up throwing up or groaning inside the toilet because I ate a sandwich that has gone bad or a sandwich that would not sit well with my stomach.

My voracious appetite for sandwiches does not discriminate between crust and non-crust sandwiches. It does not matter if the sandwich is vegan or not. I care less about its temperature because I can eat it hot or I can eat it cold. I do not care what condiments are used whether it is plain salted, ketchup, mayo or mustard. I also do not care if I have no idea what sandwich is served before me. I only see it as a challenging gastronomical adventure waiting for me. If it smells good, then it would only make me want to grab a bite even more.

I am totally clueless as to when my love for sandwiches began but I have a vague idea when it might have started. Perhaps, it was when I was still a kid. I grew up not having the extravagance as most people have, so whenever I go to school I have neither snacks nor pocket money for snacks. And when things go well with my father’s work I get to enjoy egg, ham or tuna sandwich made by my mother.

So if you want to be on my good side, just give me a sandwich and we can be friends anytime you want.