Rats – A Rational Fear

Fact: a phobia is an anxiety disorder defined as the persistent fear of an object or a situation, which a person who suffers it will do everything in his or her power just to avoid it. Phobia is considered as an irrational fear because the fear is disproportional to the actual danger or sometimes there’s no danger at all. There are many kinds of phobia and one of them is musophobia/murophobia or fear of mice and rats. But for me, I don’t think fearing mice and rats can be considered as an irrational fear. This is because there are plenty of reasons why we must fear mice and rats and call Kilter Los Angeles to get rid of them.

Though mice and rats are small and may seem harmless at a glance, these creatures pose a lot of danger to us. Mice may look cute but they are bringers of doom. They carry a lot of bacteria and viruses that can lead to various disease. Mice piss and excrement contains the bacteria that causes leptospirosis and salmonellosis. They also carry the dangerous hantavirus that is still incurable and has no known vaccine at the moment. Most of all, mice were the carriers of bubonic plague that wiped off a huge percentage of human population in the past.

Rats on the other hand are bringers of doom as well. The larger counterparts of the tiny mice are carriers of various bacteria and viruses as well. The only difference they have with mice is the fact that rats are more aggressive and would fight back. It is not impossible for a rat to send a cat or even a dog running when they are cornered. Moreover, their bite is very painful and could lead to infection, tetanus or rabies. The worst thing about rats and mice is the fact that they are highly destructive. Their strong and durable incisors can cut almost anything. They are also highly intelligent creatures and can detect danger easily, making it difficult for them to be disposed of. Most of all, they propagate really fast and can feed on almost anything. If they are left uncheck, it is possible for them to overrun humanity.

Mice and rats are also scary because of another reason and that is the fact that they are cannibals. When I first heard of this, I was mortified. Mice and rats would sometimes eat their own babies. If hungry, they would hunt and consume weaker animals. Thus, it is possible for them to take a bite off of your leg or feet when you are sleeping.