Cats – Natural Anti-Mouse Weapon and Deterrent

Whenever we talk about getting rid of rats, a lot of people would immediately think about hiring Kilter Bellflower. But there are also other people that would rather get a cat than hire a pest control company.

Well, it is easy to understand why there are people who rather get a cat than hire pest control companies. Though cats may not be as fast as professional exterminators when it comes to getting rid of mice, cats are more proficient in catching mice and will require no chemicals or difficult traps to catch mice. Moreover, they are effective hunters and can hunt mice day in or day out.

Aside from this, cats are natural deterrents for mice. If you would notice, most cat owners would rarely have mice problems. Do you know why they don’t rarely have mice problems? It is because when mice get a whiff of cats’ urine or feces, they immediately scamper. This is their natural instinct telling them that there’s a predator nearby and since mice are coward creatures, they would run away fearing for their lives.

According to studies, mice have this unique organ – the vomeronasal organ. This organ is the one that can detect the specific proteins that are found in cat urine, feces and saliva. This organ is a built in danger detector would process this protein and then trigger a reaction to mice. When mice smell their surroundings and detects cat urine, they would freeze, hug closer to the ground and take a smell again. Once they confirm the cat’s presence in the area, they would immediately run away thinking how close they were to entering the cat’s territory.

So if guess, being a cat person can be good as well. Aside from having a nice and wonderful pet, you would also have a perfect anti-mice weapon at your disposal. Sadly, pets are not allowed in my apartment. Good thing I know of a good pest control company.